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Choices the Book    

Choices:  The Book 

A teen girl breaks all the rules and finds herself alone ... when binge drinking, date rape, and pregnancy collide, Kara MacNeillís life spins out of control. Choices is a compelling and bumpy coming-of-age journey that hurtles a young girl into turmoil and confusion. The many sides of reproductive rights come together in Choices, a story voiced with respect, sensitivity, and heart.

Choices:  The reader
For teen girls everywhere. Their mothers, grandmothers, aunts…and, their fathers and brothers.

Choices: The message  - Your Life … Your Choices!

Choices is a gripping and thought provoking read about a teen girl who slips up and falls hard. When fifteen-year-old Kara learns to think for herself and take responsibility for her choices, she discovers a solid sense of self and her own value along the way. Will she ever be the same? ... No, she'll be stronger.

Mom'S Choice Award
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Eric Hoffer Award

Choices: The author
Kate Buckley has her MA in Human Development with a concentration on women’s studies.  She has facilitated support groups for girls in California and New Mexico and administrated a three-year drug and alcohol abuse prevention program in the public middle schools of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Choices won an Eric Hoffer Award in the Young Adult Category.

ForeWord ForeWord Reviews 2009
Book of the Year Awards

CHOICES: Winner — Young Adult Fiction

Kate Bukcley with Eight-grade Students
Kate Buckley (left) with students at Capshaw Middle School in May 2009. The students are holding the "Testaments" anthology. (Read Article)
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Choices: Book Review by Nancy L. Brown, Ph.D.

Choices: A Novel is a must read for teachers, parents and teenagers, everywhere. A combination of coming-of-age textbook, conversation starter, bite-your-nails, and gotta finish book, it took me by surprise. Laughter, tears, and some great conversations have filled our home this week as we read Choices.

I have to say that I think this novel and Kate Buckley completely rock! Kate is an author, screenwriter and health teacher and youth advocate who is willing to help teens grapple with the hard tasks associated with growing up and making tough choices in our culture. Her courage in writing this book gives me great hope for the future health of our teens. I encourage wellness and health classes to add this book to their curriculum and can't wait for the movie!

Choices: Book Review by Denise Jennings, Planned Parenthood
I used "Choices" this year with my Girls Groups at two middle schools, and it is THE best book that I have found, covering topics like drugs, alcohol, sex, rape and unplanned pregnancy. Not only is it an excellent teaching tool, it is a great book for at-risk youth. They identify with the character, not because she comes from a similar socioeconomic background, but because she is a believable teenage character. The book gave us the opportunity to talk about risky behavior and how to avoid it; it also gave us an opportunity to talk about local resources and places to access help. I highly recommend this book for young people and for those working with at-risk populations.

Choices: Other Reviews
"Juno meets real life Ö This book is a great read, itís very real and down-to-earth. Itís written very well and very emotional. I loved it!" Makenna M. age 15 (on Amazon.com)

"While Choices focuses on current and topical issues, it is the heart of this book that makes it so wonderful. Kara's soulful narrative and depictions of friendship and family love draw the reader in and propel the plot, making Choices a commentary on adolescence, religion, and society.  The emotions and substance of Choices make it heartfelt and hard to put down. It really stays with you when you’re done." Tatiana Mathews, age 17, Gloucester, MA (reader)

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